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Improve Your Smile with Braces in Burlington and Hillsborough, NC

A smile isn’t something to be hidden; it’s a gift to be displayed to the world. If you’re not completely confident in the appearance of your teeth then maybe you don’t feel much like smiling, but a solution is easily accessible with the help of Dr. Kervin Mack DMD MSP LLC. At our practice, clients of all ages have improved their teeth by receiving braces in Burlington and Hillsborough, NC.

If your teeth are out of alignment, it can lead to more than cosmetic issues. Teeth which are improperly aligned can lead to problems with both speaking and chewing which may become even more pronounced over time.

It’s Never Too Late for Great Looking Teeth

Some people may think that braces are only appropriate or beneficial for children, but the truth is that dental health is an important factor for everyone, regardless of their age. Thanks to the latest advances in orthodontic products and practices, braces for adults are now available in options other than the traditional wires and hardware. You can gradually improve your teeth with aligners that are invisible while still being entirely effective.

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We Work with You for the Most Appropriate Option

With the benefit of a consultation with Dr. Mack, we find out about your preferences and budget and suggest a treatment option which works best for you. Some younger patients opt for the traditional metal braces while others may choose ceramic braces or the Invisalign process.

The traditional route features braces which pull your teeth into alignment by using metal bracing and wires which are adjusted over time. Many young patients choose this as it works quicker than other choices. Adult braces are more often ceramic, which are for use outside of extreme cases, or Invisalign. Ceramics are more cosmetically appealing than the traditional option but work at much the same pace. Invisalign are clear aligners that are very hard to detect and work at a slower pace but provide the same results.

Together we will decide upon the braces which best fit your lifestyle and timeframe, and we provide all the information you need for cleaning and care of each option.

Contact us to learn more about braces or to book a consultation. We proudly serve patients in Burlington, Hillsborough, Mebane, Gibsonville, and Elon, NC.