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Braces in Burlington and Hillsborough, NC

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of a strong, bright smile when you establish a relationship with our orthodontic dental practice. Dr. Mack and his staff are ready to help you get the straight teeth and strong smile you deserve. If you are tired of hiding your smile from the rest of the world, visit our office for an orthodontic teeth braces consultation. When your teeth are out of alignment, it can be far more than just a cosmetic problem. Properly aligned teeth allow you to speak clearly and chew properly as well. This focus on functionality is what separates our office from the others practicing in the Burlington and Hillsborough areas.

Improve the appearance of your smile and start taking advantage of everything that life has to offer with our options for braces. Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits that our braces for teeth can provide you. Many adults are reluctant to wear traditional braces because of the appearance of metal wires and other hardware. With the latest advancements in orthodontic products and techniques, we are now able to gradually correct the alignment of your teeth with invisible aligners. With a little more time, these innovative aligners can get the job done without even being seen.

Start a conversation with Dr. Mack and his team about your options for dental braces. After we are able to learn more about your preferences and the budget you have to work with, we can recommend an option that is best for you. During the course of your treatment, our staff keeps you informed of the best ways to keep your braces clean. You are provided with the specialized tools needed to keep your teeth and gums clean. This process also includes guidance on the proper foods to eat while wearing braces. With the proper diet in place, you can protect any wires from breakage or bending. Build a better looking smile that gives you the confidence you have been lacking for far too long.

Build a Better Smile with Braces

When it comes to your options for orthodontic treatment, you now have choices that fit your way of life. Depending on the age of the patient and the speed of treatment they are comfortable with, Dr. Mack may recommend one of three available options. Despite what you may have heard your options are not limited to just metal braces. After a full examination of your dental alignment, Dr. Mack will make a determination as to which course of action is best for your case. Our offices are ready to put this plan into action with either metal braces, ceramic braces, or the Invisalign process.

Dentist Checking His Patient in Burlington, NC

Traditional metal braces pull your teeth into alignment through the use of metal bracing and a series of wires. These wires are adjusted and tightened over the course of your treatment, and they can prove restrictive when it comes to eating and cleaning. Although some find the appearance of metal bracing a bit embarrassing, this approach provides you with the results you are looking for in a shorter amount of time. Many younger patients choose this method as a way to shorten the process. Given the right amount of lead time, you can have the smile you have always wanted just in time for those senior yearbook portraits.

For a more cosmetically-appealing alternative to traditional metal bracing, we offer ceramic braces. This option is available to those in need of orthodontia outside of extreme cases. This innovation incorporates durable ceramic into the standard approach to bracing, and they won’t stain as easily as they may have in past decades. You get the corrective results you are looking for in roughly the same time as metal bracing, without the same level of embarrassment. This option involves a bit more of an investment, but the outward appearance makes it well worth it.

Braces for Teeth That Are Practically Invisible

Get the smile you have always wanted at any age with our invisible braces for teeth from Invisalign. If you are embarrassed by the look of your smile, but feel you are too old to be wearing traditional bracing and bracketing, we have a solution you are sure to love. Our offices are equipped to provide you with Invisalign braces that are nearly impossible to detect. After a careful set of measurements and the creation of detailed casts of your teeth, our specialists create a set of clear aligners that you can wear during the course of your day.

This gradual process corrects the alignment of your teeth at a slower pace than traditional bracing, but the appearance is what makes a difference. If you are an active professional looking for a way to rebuild your smile without all the fuss involved with metal bracing, this gradual process is the answer. As your teeth are aligned, a new set of aligners is created to carry the process on to its completion. People will just assume that your teeth have always been this straight and magnificent once the aligners have done their job.

Dental Braces and Details for Care

Learn to live with your dental braces, and keep them working properly with the right approach to care. Our office team will supply you with the right type of toothbrush and toothpaste needed for proper braces care. It is important to keep the braces clean, so the health of your teeth and gums isn’t affected. Dr. Mack will educate you on the proper way to brush and floss while this orthodontic treatment is in progress. If you find a tooth feels loose, that is nothing to be worried about. In the event of a wire coming loose, the first thing to do is call our office for an adjustment.

You should avoid certain foods that may damage your braces or inhibit them from doing their job. The important thing is to ask any questions you may have. Our team is here to help you, and that is why we place a premium on communication and compassionate care.

How to Live with Dental Braces

If you play sports, it might be wise to obtain a mouth guard to make sure you don't harm your braces or your gums and lips while playing. Additionally, if you notice your teeth are a little loose just after getting your braces on or adjusted, don't worry—this is completely normal. However, if the wires and bands on your braces are loose, contact us immediately. We have a number of different types of braces for you to choose from. Our orthodontist will work closely with you to determine which type works best for you. You have the following to choose from:

Contact us today to receive a free consultation on any of our orthodontic services. We proudly serve Burlington and Hillsborough, Graham, Snow Camp, Chapel Hill, and Orange County, NC.