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Invisalign Orthodontist in Burlington and Hillsborough, NC

For those who want their teeth straightened without the hassle of brackets, Dr. Mack is a leading Invisalign orthodontist in Burlington and Hillsborough, NC. Invisalign offers a nearly invisible way to correct your teeth, giving you the smile you deserve. Many adults enjoy this option because with their busy schedules, it is difficult to continually come into the orthodontist for regular appointments to have their braces tightened.

Along with Invisalign, Dr. Mack also offers ceramic, metal, and lingual braces. No matter your choice in braces, our orthodontist has the knowledge and experience to help you throughout the process. In fact, your first visit to Dr. Mack is always free. We are happy to work with your insurance provider, so don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with us.

Invisalign: An Ideal Option

Patients throughout Burlington and Hillsborough wear the Invisalign aligners without anyone noticing. The aligners look like a clear retainer, but they surround both your upper and lower teeth when you put them on. After the orthodontist takes several impressions of your teeth, technicians create the aligners in a dental lab. Each aligner targets specific teeth and moves them slightly each week, making you that much closer to a straighter smile.

Invisalign in Burlington, NC

You will switch out your aligners with new ones every two weeks. Once they have all been used, your teeth should be perfectly straight. Invisalign is an ideal solution for people who have busy lifestyles and don't want to visit the orthodontist on a regular basis. While some checkups are necessary, they are less frequent than with braces with brackets because the aligners are created in advance.

Invisible Braces for People on the Go

A secondary advantage to wearing Invisalign aligners is that they can come out. In fact, an aligner is only supposed to be worn for 22 hours a day. Patients throughout the Burlington and Hillsborough area find it an easy way to continue eating their favorite foods and caring for their teeth while receiving orthodontic treatment. An additional bonus to Invisalign is that at the very beginning of your treatment, you'll be able to view your virtual treatment plan so that you can see the end results before you even get started.

Because you don't have to keep the aligners on all the time, there is a decreased risk of staining or damaging aligners as compared with traditional braces. Although these aligners may be a bit more expensive, they are well worth the value they offer in appearance. Because you can remove Invisalign when you need to brush and floss, there will be no hassle or risks of stains. You won't even have to worry about the discomfort metal brackets can cause.

Contact us today to receive a free consultation on any of our orthodontic services. We proudly serve Burlington and Hillsborough, Graham, Snow Camp, Chapel Hill, and Orange County, NC.