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Orthodontist in Burlington and Hillsborough, NC

Trust your smile to an orthodontist who spends all of his working hours helping his patients achieve straight teeth. Kervin Mack DMD MSP PLLC serves as an orthodontist in Burlington, NC, as well as an orthodontist in Hillsborough, NC. He has a long and proud history of service to his patients and his community. He provides a variety of orthodontic treatment options for both children and adults.

Straight teeth are essential to an individual’s dental health, as well as his or her self-esteem. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean, thus helping patients avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. The long-term impact of our treatment is to eliminate self-consciousness due to having crooked teeth, while increasing self-confidence from a winning smile. Whatever your reason is for coming to Dr. Mack for teeth straightening, he welcomes you and provides you with the services you need to achieve the smile you deserve.

Orthodontist in Burlington, NC

Experienced Orthodontist in Hillsborough, NC

Due to a sole focus, Dr. Mack is extremely knowledgeable in his specialization of orthodontia. He uses the most advanced technologies in his orthodontic treatment, ensuring you get the best care possible. He believes in using the most current techniques and technologies for his patients, providing you with the highest levels of aesthetic and facial harmony.

This is why Dr. Mack continually updates his education and training. He is an active member of a number of honored professional associations, including the following:

  • North Carolina Association of Orthodontists
  • Southern Association of Orthodontics
  • American Associate of Orthodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • American Board of Orthodontics – Board Certified
  • Alamance-Caswell Dental Society
  • North Carolina Dental Society

Orthodontic Treatment for Children, Teenagers, and Adults

Dr. Mack provides orthodontic treatment for children, teens, and adults. He understands that each group has its own needs and requires age-specific treatment and care. Count on our orthodontist to provide the best service possible for patients of all ages.

It is recommended that children first see an orthodontist by age 7 when the permanent front teeth and the first set of molars have broken through the skin. Starting treatment early is the ideal way to straighten teeth. Our orthodontist takes the time to explain what is going on in terms that children can understand and works patiently with them throughout the years that they are wearing braces and retainers.

He also works well with teenagers and understands that this is a period of tremendous growth and change in their bodies and lives. He helps them to appreciate the importance of caring for their teeth by following the instructions for wearing and caring for their braces.

Adult patients take orthodontia for themselves and their children very seriously, as they clearly see the need and value the effects of treatment. Dr. Mack works with his adult patients to compress the length of orthodontic treatment, while maximizing its impact. He often recommends invisible or clear braces for his adult patients.

A Passion for His Profession of Teeth Straightening

Dr. Mack greatly enjoys being an orthodontist because of the relationships it allows him to build with each person who comes to him for service. His passion is helping his patients transform their smiles by teeth straightening, which gives them more confidence and better self-esteem, while promoting their long-term dental health.

He rejoices with patients when they get their braces off and see the results of the time and money they have invested in treatment. This is a special milestone moment for each individual who has ever had to wear braces.

In addition, his practice is well known for its exemplary results and advanced treatment options. The practice even specializes in dentofacial orthopedics, in which appliances are used to help shape a child's facial growth and development.

Teeth Straightening with Invisalign™ and Other Methods

Our practice uses the latest teeth-straightening technology for invisible braces, such as Invisalign™. These comfortable braces work on straightening teeth while remaining completely invisible. The plastic aligners are easy to remove and easy to clean. Invisalign works discreetly and effectively to straighten teeth. These invisible braces make an ideal option for adults and teenagers.

However, Dr. Mack respects that each person is different so he takes an individual’s needs, teeth, and budget into considering when providing treatment. For children, metal braces offer a better choice, mainly because these are strong and durable.

Our orthodontist also fits patients with ceramic braces. Since these are made of tooth-colored brackets, they are barely noticeable, especially when paired with tooth-colored wires. We also provide our patients with lingual braces, depending on their needs for treatment. Lingual braces are placed behind–rather than in front - of the teeth, so no one need know that you are wearing braces.

Dr. Mack provides patients with a wide array of orthodontic treatment options. Talk with him about the services that work best for you or a member of your family. Our services include:

About Our Orthodontist

Dr. Mack began his dental education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After receiving his Master of Science in Orthodontics, he attended the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and graduated with his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD).

Our orthodontist also believes in being active in his community. In addition to supporting local schools, his practice has participated in Healthy Kids Day in the park, and he and his staff always make and distribute Christmas baskets for individuals in need. Dr. Mack also works on Sundays as a sound mixer at his church.

Contact one of Dr. Mack’s offices to schedule an appointment with a highly qualified orthodontist. His offices proudly serve Burlington, Hillsborough, Mebane, Gibsonville, and Elon, North Carolina.


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