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Braces for Kids in Burlington and Hillsborough, NC

Dr. Mack provides braces for kids in Burlington and Hillsborough, NC, as well as for teenagers and adults. His specialty lies in orthodontics of all kinds. He recognizes that the age of the patient determines the type of care they receive and works with you and your child to ensure the most appropriate treatment is provided. Dr. Mack and our staff ensure that your child's needs are met with understanding, gentleness, and a full commitment to outstanding results.

If your child shows signs of needing orthodontic care, or your family dentist has directed you to visit an orthodontist, contact us to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Mack. Once we have determined your child is in need of children's braces, we will work closely with you and your insurance in order to make sure he or she gets precisely what is needed to give them the best possible smile.

Children's Braces: When Is It Time?

There are a few things to watch for, such as crowded or misplaced teeth, difficulty chewing or biting, mouth breathing, thumb sucking, or popping jaws, any of which could mean your child needs to see an orthodontist. Early treatment with children's braces allows our orthodontist to correct and guide your child's jaw, create more space for crowded teeth, avoid the need for extractions later in life, and correct thumb sucking and minor speech problems.

Braces for Kids in Burlington, NC

We offer a variety of braces for you and your child to choose from. Each has its own set of advantages, and you will have to consult with our orthodontist about which will be best for your child. The braces we offer include all of the following:

  • Metal Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Invisalign
  • Lingual Braces

Teen Braces: Breaking the ‘Uncool’ Barrier

Braces are no longer as uncool as many teens have been led to believe. Braces today come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors, which makes life with braces much easier, more comfortable, and, most importantly, more stylish than in the past.

We offer the same types of braces for teenagers as we do for children. Treatment times can vary, depending on how quickly the teeth respond and how much work our orthodontist needs to perform. After receiving braces, Dr. Mack will go over with you and your teen the care that is required to keep his or her braces clean and in good working condition. Rely on our help to give your teen a strong, white, and beautiful smile.

Contact us today to receive a free consultation on any of our orthodontic services. We proudly serve Burlington and Hillsborough, Graham, Snow Camp, Chapel Hill, and Orange County, NC.